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Cuddle Concert FAQ's

Where do the concerts take place?

Cuddle Concerts are hosted at UCR Arts Culver Center for the Arts at 3824 Main Street in Downtown Riverside.

Who are the performers? 

Each Cuddle Concert features top-notch performing professional musicians in chamber ensembles, and a soprano to sing/host!  

Does my baby have to be 6 months to 3 years old or 3 years to 6 years to attend?

Babies, children, and adults of all ages are welcome and encouraged to attend regardless of age! Each concert is designed with particular age ranges in mind, but attendees of all ages are welcome to any concert. If you have two children of different ages, you are welcome to select either performance time that works best for your family. 

Does my baby need a ticket?

All attendees are required to have a ticket to attend. 

Will the audience be seated in chairs?

The audience is invited to sit on the floor, to allow for bouncing, clapping, dancing throughout the performance. You are welcome to bring small blankets or pillows to sit on if you wish. Chairs will be available along the perimeter for those who need them. 

Do you offer group discounts? 

Email for more information!

Can my child celebrate their birthday at a Cuddle Concert?

Yes absolutely!  We would love to help make your child's day extra special through live music. Email for more information.

How can I find out more about these concerts?

Read the article in the Press-Enterprise here

Why should I come to a Cuddle Concert?

They're fun, engaging, interactive, and a wonderful environment for babies, young children and families to experience live music together. 

Are there Covid safety measures in place?

Yes, the concerts will comply with the current UCR Arts Covid safety measures. Click here for more info. 

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